Autism and Epilepsy have been obstacles.  Joshua has had to learn how to live with. He has turned his disability to an ability.  They have been  challenging, but Joshua has never been a quitter. Determination is one of his best quality's.

Just like his  Autism and Epilepsy are a part of him so is his Art.

Joshua started working on his Collages his Freshman year at The Clewiston High School. Joshua collages consist of old magazines, newspapers and just scrap paper and acrylic paint.

His depiction of colors and shapes reveal a new side of ordinary. His paintings make a vivid impression. The interplay of light and dark in Joshua's work is remarkable. When Joshua works it's like he can see the image in his head. He knows exactly where the each piece of paper goes and what colors he will be working with. He never second guesses himself.

So please take some time and visit. View some of Joshua's work. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or requests.  All of Joshua work can be framed and matted ready to display.